This advanced make up course is the ITEC Diploma in Fashion, Theatre & Media Make Up. It is a UK Level 3 which transfers to a Level 5 on the Irish Framework.

Take your Makeup Skills to the next level.This Make Up Course covers Fashion & Photographic Makeup, Theatrical & Stage, as well as TV, Film and Special Effects Makeup. It is not suitable for complete beginners as you must have completed an ITEC Makeup Certificate Course or Beauty Course to have gained the essential core skills needed to be able to join this Advanced Makeup Course.




 Qualifications & Achievement

This advanced make up course is the ITEC Diploma in Fashion, Theatre & Media Make Up. Once you have qualified with your ITEC Makeup Certificate or Beauty Qualification you are now ready to advance your make up skills. This Advanced Makeup Course will spectacularly improve both your skills and your confidence as a Professional Makeup Artist.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to work in Film, Media, Theatre or High Fashion Shoots but many people join up to develop their core techniques to improve their Day, Evening & Bridal Make Overs.

Course Description

This Advanced ITEC Makeup Artistry Diploma Course consists of training in all of the four stages to become ITEC Qualified. However should you wish to join only one of the stages you may do so to be Beauty Academy Certified.

 Course Content

Skin Types, how to determine them and to care for them. Tools of the Trade. How to Choose & Use Brushes. Primers & Colour Correcting. Perfecting the Make Up Base. Cosmetic Science. Highlighting & Shading. How to Define or Hide Features.

How to Choose Eye shadow Colour. How to Perfect your Eye shadow Application Brow Definition. Perfecting Lip Liner. Choosing and Applying Blush & Lip Colour Hygiene & Sterilisation. Bridal Make Up Themes & Bridal Make Up Application. Changing Make Up from Day to Night. Mature Make Up Application. Special Occasion Make Up Application.

Stage 2: Fashion & Photography Make Up Artistry

Mood Boards/Face Charts, Principles of Colour, Effects of Lighting, False Eyelash Applications, Smoky Eyes and Elongated Smokey Eyes, Black & White Photography High Fashion/Red Carpet Looks, Glamour & Contouring, Catwalk Makeup, Covering Tattoos, Camouflage Make Up, Airbrushed Make Up.

Era Looks

In the Era Looks you will focus on a variety of brow shapes, various blending and cut crease techniques and learn how to transfer these looks into modern day bridal era looks. 1920s – e.g. The Movie Chicago and The Great Gatsby, 1930s – e.g. Bonnie & Clyde, Bugsy Malone, Greta Garbo, 1940s – e.g. Pearl Harbour, Judy Garland, Betty Davis, Ingrid Bergman, 1950s – e.g. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Dirty Dancing, 1960s – e.g. Twiggy, Joanne Lumley (The Avengers), Jacqueline Kennedy, 1970s – e.g. Farah Fawcett, ABBA, Charlies Angels, 1980s – e.g. Madonna Like a Virgin Music Video, The Cure, Dallas, Fame, 1990s – e.g. Jennifer Aniston in Friends, Cindy Crawford.

Stage 3: Theatre & Stage Make Up Artistry

Ballet, Geisha, Edwardian, Male Make Up, Animals, Bollywood Looks, Pantomime, Fantasy Fairytale, Egyptian.

Stage 4: TV, Film & Special Effects Make Up Artistry

Broken Noses, Character Make Up, Bruising (both new and old), Cuts, Scars & Burns, Creation of Corpses, Drug Addict Effect, Tears/Sweat/Missing Teeth, Blood Capsules & Bladders, Stab Wounds & Bullet Wounds, Application & Removal of Bald Caps, Crepe Hair & Facial Hair Pieces, Application & Removal of Prosthetics, Aging Make Up with and without use of latex, Creation of Temporary Tattoos – application & removal, Creation of Skin Conditions e.g. Psoriasis, Acne, Cold Sores, Impetigo.

Stage 5: Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

This subject covers training in professionalism, ethics, client care, client records, health & safety, hygiene, confidentiality and factors concerned in opening up your own business. Student with prior beauty/body qualifications may have already completed this module and will therefore not need to resit this theory exam.

Make-up Studio Professional Make-Up Product Training

Make Up Studio professional make up products are used in all make up training at Beauty Academy. They have an extensive range of good quality, highly pigmented products, in a huge array of colours at very affordable prices. Beauty Academy are the proud distributors of the Make Up Studio Professional Make Up Range to the Professional Beauty Industry. Students will receive a fantastic 30% discount on these products while studying at the academy.

The makeup training we provide to our students will give students a better understanding as to what products are available in the market and which products are suitable for each client/aspect of the job. It is a huge benefit to students in their future career to have expert product knowledge. (Take a sneak

Course Duration

This Advanced Makeup Course runs on Sundays 9am-4pm Commencing Oct 1st 2017 till Apr 2018. Alternatively there is a Monday Course which commences Mar 12th also 9-4 and runs till Sept 2018.

Further Information

This Advanced Makeup Course Costs €1800 + Exam Fees. However if this course is paid in full by course start date you will receive an incredible discount of €350 which makes the Course Fee ONLY €1450 + Exam Fees. All course fees are non-transferable and non- refundable There is also a payment plan option, whereby students may pay in installments. This is available on the full course fee only. To discuss this option please contact the college directly on 041 980 4799.

Compulsory Kits: Students need to have the Basic Beauty Kit which consists of basic beauty tools and a Special Effects Kit. These kits can be purchased directly from the wholesalers at discounted wholesale price (past students may have some items from previous modules they attended). Details of these kits may be obtained on request. Students need to purchase the course textbooks and take into consideration the cost of exam fees. Students will be provided with a Make Up Studio Tshirt for their training FREE.





Beauty Academy, 10 Wellington Quay, Drogheda, Co. Louth,Ireland. Tel 041 980 4799