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Beauty Academy Training

At Beauty Academy we provide training which focuses on classical skills and development. We believe that your training should be thorough so that you leave us specialised in your area of training and maintain the courses that offer a "quick fix” in the long run do not deliver what you need to be successful in the beauty industry.

Along with Internationally Recognised Qualifications, we provide free career and course advice, and access to our Recruitment Network page.

Our teaching methods are innovative, and of the highest quality, and our tutors are passionate, and our priority is our Students and providing them with skills they need to succeed. We pride ourselves on our high standards of training, our state-of-the-art training facilities, our warm, friendly, family & supportive learning environment and on helping our students to secure employment on graduation from their course.

We are pleased to know that the beauty industry seeks out Beauty Academy graduates, and are proud of our 98% Pass Rate, within which an average grade of 85% is achieved.

We pride ourselves on not only our high standards of training but on helping our students to secure employment at the end of the course. 


We Teach You Exactly What You Need To Succeed!