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Ten Top Tips to achieve Summer Proof Make Up

Ten Top Tips to achieve Summer Proof Make Up

In this unusual hot Irish summer many of our clients are struggling with ways to make their make up last and stay fresh all day, here are a few tips from our beauty teaching team…..

Choose the Correct Moisturiser

it is important that your moisturiser balances your skin so that your foundation stays put longer.  If you skin is dehydrated and tight choose Dermalogica Active Moist to hydrate without too much oil and if you tend to have a high shine choose Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion which will leave your skin fresh and matte all day long!  Have combination skin and don’t know what to do, our best advice is to use two moisturisers the matte one on the oily area and the hydrating one on the normal or tight areas.  You wont believe the difference!

Prime Your Skin!

Primer creates a grip on your skin for foundation to adhere to which helps the staying power of your make up.  The extra bonus is that is blurs lines and open pores to give a more polished finish to your make up.

Choose the Correct Foundation

It is better to opt for a lighter foundation in high heat, good choices are more powder base foundations which absorb excess oil, foundations such as mineral foundations or Make Up Studio Velvet Make Up in regular or light consistency.  For those of you with really oily skin you are better to opt for matte foundation such as Clinique Stay Matte Make Up or Make Up Studio Hydromat Foundation, both these products are excellent even if you should only choose to use them to control your oily tzone while using a different  foundation on your other areas.

Set Your Make Up with Loose Powder

This is imperative to set your make up, absorb excess oil and to gain lasting power all day long

Hydrate Your Make Up

Spritz your skin with Dermalogica Multiactive Toner to hydrate your skin and settle your make up! Sounds odd?  Try it!  This is a fundamental step in returning your matte make up to natural and hydrating and refreshing your skin

Skip the shimmer

The dewy look is not recommended for the heat as it will increase the look of shine and make you look oilier

Go Natural

Choose colours that are light and natural.  Sunlight is unforgiving so this is not the time for your Glamour Look!

Get Your Eyeshadow to Fix

You must use an Eye Primer or a light concealer under your eyeshadow to give the shadow something to adhere to.  If you tend to have oily eyelids then make sure you place a light dusting of loose powder on your eyelids before you apply your shadow.

Wear Waterproof Mascara

This will ensure no smudging and if you need to go for a dip you will be ready

The finish

Wear a light dusting of summer blusher in pink or coral tones, contour naturally with a matte bronzer and give your lips a lick of gloss


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