Great gifts for foodies

If you’ve got a serious food lover and connoisseur in your life, then you are in luck when it comes to gift giving since the choice of gifts is your oyster so to speak! Whatever the occasion whether it’s a special anniversary, a birthday or other big event, a food themed gift is certain to always go down a treat. 

Find the all the inspiration for giving a fantastic gift to a foodie right here – read on for our top ideas. 

The luxury hamper 

For a charmingly old fashioned gift that at the same time is seriously sumptuous, have you considered gifting a hamper? Packed full of all their favourite foods, this will definitely be a great hit and sure to be something they’re going to enjoy. Assemble it yourself with love and care or shop from a luxury food brand. 

Some bespoke chocolates 

Chocolates are one of the world’s favourite sweet treats, so for a great gift why not up the ante with some bespoke chocolates from a chocolatier. Pick the flavours that you know the recipient will love, and even the box that they come in. It’s a simple and luxurious gift that is still personal.  

A homemade cake 

You don’t always have to go down the fancy gift route when it comes to gift giving for a foodie though – a simple surprise would be a delicious homemade cake which will be especially appropriate for a birthday. The recipient is going to love the thought and effort that’s gone into making them a cake, and you can be sure to pick a recipe that they’ll love the taste of. 

Wining and dining 

And of course, a foodie is always going to love a trip to a fancy restaurant or their favourite dining place, especially when it’s on your dime. The best way is of course to whisk them out as a surprise, but since that is not always possible, you can also consider gift vouchers too. 

There are plenty of great gifts for foodies, so surprise them with something you know they’ll love. 

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